von Beirut
The Flying Club Cup von Beirut
Veröffentlicht: Sep 2007
Label: 4ad
On Gulag Orkestar, Beirut mastermind Zach Condon's obsession with Eastern European folk -- as interpreted by a young New Mexican -- was a moan-filled pastiche of dreamy pop, mariachi and gypsy music, but the follow-up focuses more on Francophilism. Even down to the song titles ("Nantes," "La Banlieue," "Un Dernier Verre" and "Cherbourg"), his love affair with classic French pop and cabaret rings through. Gentle washes of strings and piano are led by an omnipresent accordion, while Condon's romantic croon acts as conductor. Best accompanied with a fine Bordeaux and box of tissues.
Dan Shumate
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