Boys Noize


Boys Noize (Alex Ridha) shares bookings with filter-disco punks like Justice, and his music hits the same high-intensity frequencies, like a disco dentist with a glitter-encrusted drill. He loves overdriven synthesizers and has the same talent for making his tracks heave like a bellows, sucking all the air out of the room with every chord. But Ridha and his Berlin label Boysnoize have more purist instincts than many of his peers: Chicago house and grinding techno play significant roles in his music, which is as minimalist in its structure as it is maximalist in its attitude. As Boys Noize, Ridha has recorded for Gigolo, Turbo, Kitsune and, most extensively, his own label, which has also put out monster tracks from Housemeister, D.I.M., Siriusmo and even the Faint. Forget the nu-rave cliches; this is the real deal.

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