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Cactus von Cactus
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von Cactus
Cactus von Cactus
Veröffentlicht: Mar 1970
Label: Rhino Atlantic
The release of Zep's first two albums in 1969 unleashed a wave of groups obsessed with ear-splitting rock and savage boogie. One of the very best was Cactus, a (kind of) supergroup comprised of former members of Vanilla Fudge, The Amboy Dukes and Mitch Ryder's Detroit Wheels. Released in 1970, their debut is ferocious. The rhythm section, Tim Bogert and Carmen Appice, bash away. Renegade frontman Rusty Day howls like a maniac. But the star of the show is Jim McCarty. The guitarist's rapid-fire assault transcends meter on "Parchman Farm" and especially "You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover."
Justin Farrar

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