von Curren$y
Pilot Talk von Curren$y
Veröffentlicht: Jul 2010
Label: Universal Music International Div.
On Curren$y's Pilot Talk, you'll find Mos Def, Jay Electronica and ... Snoop Dogg? The New Orleans rapper's eclectic guest list makes sense, though. Much like big Snoop, Curren$y has a pronounced appetite for smoke, and sounds best when riding producer Ski Beatz' languid beats with cool, detached rhymes. He's a deft lyricist, and though he tends to talk about his success more than anything else, it doesn't seem to matter. With tracks like "Skybourne," "Address" and "Roasted" exuding a smooth, bluesy vibe, Pilot Talk is one of 2010's most surprising pleasures.
Mosi Reeves
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