Gotta Be Me (Explicit)

Gotta Be Me von Devin The Dude
Veröffentlicht: Nov 2010
Label: Real Talk Entertainment
Devin the Dude kicks off his second album in 2010 the way he always does -- sparking a "little something-something." It's a benediction for another round of sweet soul, smoke sessions, sex bouts and occasional street lessons like on "F*ckha" and "When Will I Win?" Devin the Dude is at his best when he rises above his formulaic themes and tells ribald stories such as in "Come & Go" and "No Need to Call." "Ain't no need to call me if you don't wanna f*ck," he says on the latter. "My cape is in the cleaners right now, I can't save ya."
Mosi Reeves
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