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Unexpected Arrival


Unexpected Arrival von Diggy
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von Diggy
Unexpected Arrival von Diggy
Veröffentlicht: Mar 2012
Label: Atlantic Records
Diggy spends much of his debut justifying his chosen profession. "Why should I apologize for my father's wallet size?" he raps on the surprisingly political "Unforgivable Blackness." Give the 16-year-old scion of rap legend Reverend Run credit: He has made a decent pop album, even if an audience weary of mall-rappers will never admit it. Diggy closely follows Drake's model of humble-braggart introspection, and from a technical perspective he's a modest lyricist. But Unexpected Arrival is eminently listenable, thanks to well-produced tracks like "Two Up," "Do It Like You" and "88."
Mosi Reeves
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