Odds are that rap fans have heard the work of superproducer E-A-SKI dozens of times without necessarily knowing it. SKI has worked with platinum rappers from across the nation, including Cube, Spice, E-40, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and Naughty by Nature -- often producing these artists' albums in their entirety. As a musician, his range makes him impossible to buttonhole. It's hard to believe the man behind Naughty by Nature's Grammy winner “Feel Me Flow” also produced “Trigga Got No Heart” for Spice 1. While many producers stick to a particular modus operandi, SKI exploits every beat-making method available. His creations feature samples, breakbeats, and interpolations, as well as original bass, keyboard, and drum compositions. For years, he made no move on the spotlight, choosing to quietly accept his accolades from industry insiders. With his debut solo project Earthquake, SKI formally introduces himself to the fans who have enjoyed his work for years.

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