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The Singles von Goldfrapp
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von Goldfrapp
The Singles von Goldfrapp
Veröffentlicht: Feb 2012
Label: Mute/BMG
Whether she's curling her sultry vocals around big disco beats, soft acoustic strums or garish '80s synths, Alison Goldfrapp always makes you feel wanted. Even the glitz of 2003's Black Cherry and 2005's Supernature somehow comes off warm and intimate -- like a private party for two at Studio 54. Songs highlighting the cabaret psychedelia of 2000's Felt Mountain and the hippie glee of 2008's Seventh Tree provide a respite from the dancefloor; new tracks "Yellow Halo" and "Melancholy Sky" are big and dramatic, and bridge the best of all of Goldfrapp's worlds.
Stephanie Benson
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