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¡Uno! von Green Day
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von Green Day
¡Uno! von Green Day
Veröffentlicht: Sep 2012
Label: Reprise
After a pair of wildly ambitious concept albums, Green Day kicks off their ¡Uno!-¡Dos!-¡Tré! trilogy with a set of punked-up power pop that tends to focus on the minutiae of modern America. It's certainly the lightest record the trio has made since Warning. "Nuclear Family" smells like Dookie; "Sweet 16," meanwhile, is so sweet it might as well be The Raspberries (a compliment). The one tune that stands apart is the rockist anthem "Kill the DJ," a satirical club jam that appears to throw stones at party-hard hipsters drugging and dancing their lives away in the Mission, Williamsburg, etc.
Justin Farrar
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