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Heart von Heart
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von Heart
Heart von Heart
Veröffentlicht: Jul 1985
Label: Capitol Records
Despite its lazy title, Heart's 1985 set is both their biggest seller (quintuple platinum) and only U.S. chart-topper, spawning four Top 10 singles that collectively made radio safe for Alannah Myles, Jane Child and Roxette. Its best hit, "Never," is a perfectly meaningless Reagan-era AOR/CHR hard-pop confection, like .38 Special on estrogen. The others -- "What About Love?," "These Dreams," "Nothin' At All" -- are more adult-contemporary schlock but still hard to forget. Hi-NRG-turned-pop-metal Pamala Stanley cover "If Looks Could Kill" sticks too, and "The Wolf" swipes licks from "Beat It."
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