His Hero Is Gone


The recordings of His Hero Is Gone stand among the most important documents in Hardcore Punk during the 1990s. Not only did they achieve new extremes in sonic mayhem, but the band also brilliantly re-articulated music's capacity to act as a countervailing force to the political and cultural status quo. Though the band approached music largely as a vehicle for social critique, ideology never compromised their awe-inspiring ability to produce songs that crunched and grooved like no one's business. Volcanic vocals that vacillated from a rumbling bellow to paint-peeling screams and manic bouts of thundering, chaotic blitz-core characterized the band's sound. In everything they did, this incendiary political Punk band burned quickly and brightly. Anyone who gazes at the light they gave off will be subtly changed by their unreserved willingness to hazard everything in the pursuit of social transformation through music.

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