Jason Derulo (Bonus Tracks)

Jason Derulo von Jason Derulo
Veröffentlicht: Feb 2010
Label: Beluga Heights/Warner Bros.
Jason DeRulo is apparently very aware that he hit gold with "Whatcha Say," because his debut never strays far from that dramatic, Auto-Tuned mold. See "Love Hangover" (the fling, flipped), "Encore" (synth symphonics and sexual histrionics in full effect) and "Ridin' Solo" ("Whatcha Say" in a major key). But if it ain't broke, don't (un-)Auto-Tune it. There's plenty to like here, like "What If," which pairs lovey-dovey lyrics about marriage potential with beats that evoke Pachelbel's Canon. Though it's also nice to hear him drop the robotic operatics and just sing on tracks like "In My Head."
Rachel Devitt
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