Black And White America (Bonus Tracks)

Black And White America von Lenny Kravitz
Veröffentlicht: Aug 2011
Label: Atlantic Records/Roadrunner Records
Black and White America isn't quite as solid as its predecessor, It Is Time for a Love Revolution, yet the record is far better than Baptism, Circus and 5. This time around he pushes the classic rock aside for new wave-infused funk. More synths and less guitar, basically. On the title track, "Come On Get It" and several other cuts, the usual comparisons can be made: Prince, Funkadelic, Curtis Mayfield. However, Lenny tempers his nostalgia with "Boongie Drop," a dubstep-influenced collaboration with Jay-Z, and "Sunflower," a smooth chill-out club jam featuring Drake.
Justin Farrar
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