Maria Minerva's Cabaret Cixous

Maria Minerva's Cabaret Cixous von Maria Minerva
Veröffentlicht: Aug 2011
Label: Not Not Fun
The intriguingly mysterious Maria Minerva hails from Estonia, but her low-tech, avant diva-pop -- all dubby, grubby and dreamy -- very much mirrors what her Not Not Fun labelmates are up to here in the United States. More than a few tracks on Cabaret Cixous sound as if Minerva took a blowtorch to Phil Collins' "This Must Be Love," looped it several times, then added a handful of synth runs and broken beats. To say this music is the sonic equivalent of consuming horse tranquilizers before reclining on a waterbed and gazing into a color wheel for an hour just about nails its overall feel.
Justin Farrar
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