Miike Snow


Miike Snow isn't an individual, but rather the name of a trio featuring Andrew Wyatt, an American singer, and Sweden's Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg, better known as the pop production duo Bloodshy and Avant. The latter are known for producing hit singles for the likes of Madonna, Britney and Kylie, but the music they create as Miike Snow isn't first and foremost about chart domination. Wyatt's versatile, falsetto-prone voice has an earnest, boyish charm that's more familiar in the shambling indie-rock sector, and the group's electro-pop production sounds unusually intimate -- lo-fi in a hi-fi kind of way. The group's pop chops are undeniable, schooled in the likes of Elliott Smith and the Beatles, and with hooks that lodge in your brain with a subletter's tenacity.

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