Low-Life [Collector's Edition] (Bonus Tracks)

von New Order
Low-Life [Collector's Edition] von New Order
Veröffentlicht: Jan 1985
Label: Rhino/Warner Bros.
Low Life isn't New Order's best record, but ignore it at your peril: "Love Vigilantes" and "Elegia" bookend both extremes of the band's best instincts, and this expanded reissue features the essential 12" edit of "The Perfect Kiss," the band's most perfect merger of punk-funk urgency and electronic vision. Chunky acid-house precursors "Shellshock" and "Shame of the Nation" serve as historical markers, but the real draw here is the minimalist, ruminative "Elegia" in its full, 17-minute version -- as elegiac as you could ever want, and then some.
Philip Sherburne
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