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The Boatlift


The Boatlift von Pitbull
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von Pitbull
The Boatlift von Pitbull
Veröffentlicht: Nov 2007
Label: TVT Records
Mr. 305 is still major. MIA's grand debauchee and bilingual maestro of all things freak-nasty seamlessly transitions from gully Carol City raps to Little Havana-tinged booty-hydraulic bangers perfect for South Beach. An infinite roster of all-star guests and world-fusion sounds get the assist: On "Go Girl," a jangly whistler, Trina backs it up "like a Mack truck." On "The Anthem," a Caribbean take on Alex Guadino's heavy-hitting "Destination Calabria," Lil John contributes his signature interjections. Pit and Twista take on a 100m dash for "Candyman," where specter-like sirens coo a spooky serenade. RnB sweetheart Lloyd blesses "Secret Admirer" with his mellifluous vocals. "Un Poquito," featuring Yung Berg, is an Arabesque beast. Other bigwigs of the urban world appear -- and that little chico Pit got 'em all in the same place.
Angela Bruno
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