von Smoke Dza
Rugby Thompson von Smoke Dza
Veröffentlicht: Jun 2012
Label: High Times Records / Cinematic Music Group
Best known for his association with Curren$y, New York rapper Smoke DZA has carved a niche as a High Times-styled braggadocio artist. However, he unveils an unexpectedly thugged-out persona on this full-length collaboration with producer Harry Fraud. Nearly every song talks about selling weight on the street, whether he's trading verses with Action Bronson on "Turnbuckle Music" or remembering the 1980s Lo-Life Gang with Thirstin Howl III on "Lo Horsemen." Fraud's beats are appropriately murky and ominous, but the snarky weed-head humor of past DZA albums is in short supply.
Mosi Reeves
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