Today Is the Day


Today Is the Day traveled off the Metal map on their early Amphetamine Reptile releases and have never looked back. They forged an alloy of scalping blasts of pure noise and churning, Sabbath-inspired riffs that has heavily influenced bands in and around the "power-violence" school of extreme Metal. Since signing to Relapse, they've continued to produce gore-spattered monuments of godly rock 'n' roll. Thrusting their arms deep into the excremental pitch of the human predicament, they've brought to the surface grisly visions of man's inhumanity and potential for self-destruction. Violence, sexual license, and the hot, rank breath of pure evil swarm in the lyrics of bandleader Steve Austin. If as a kid you ever kicked over a rock and had your breath taken away by the ghastly assortment of creepy things hiding there -- prepare for that feeling all over again. Today Is the Day, as Alex or one of his "droogs" might say, is "real horror show."

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