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Wildflowers von Tom Petty
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von Tom Petty
Wildflowers von Tom Petty
Veröffentlicht: Oct 1994
Label: 143/Warner Bros.
With producer Rick Rubin behind the dials and a studio crowded with LA ringers, Wildflowers -- Tom Petty's second record without the Heartbreakers -- is the most sophisticated, subtle presentation of his songs. "Don't Fade On Me" and "Only A Broken Heart" are delicate and reflective without being overly so, and tunes like "Honey Bee" and "You Wreck Me" prove that he can still kick out an aggressive, hook-heavy rocker. But the stuff between those two extremes -- mid-tempo gems like "It's Good To Be King" and "You Don't Know How It Feels" -- is as comfortable as well-worn denim.
Nate Cavalieri
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