Excitable Boy (Bonus Tracks)

Excitable Boy von Warren Zevon
Veröffentlicht: Jan 1978
Label: Rhino/Elektra
Zevon might've emerged from L.A.'s singer-songwriter scene, but where his good friend Jackson Browne was deathly earnest, he was darkly humorous. It's a quality he pushed front and center on his third full-length, 1978's Excitable Boy. Though it sounds somewhat tame nowadays, the way this music came caked in disobedience and sarcasm was utterly unique for the time. When Zevon isn't warning folks of the "Werewolves of London," or spinning yarns of false revolutionaries ("Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner"), he's spitting venom about trust-fund outlaws and their "Lawyers, Guns and Money."
Justin Farrar
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